NETW 471 Week 7 Course Project


The final submission of the written portion of your project should be a compilation of each of the three previous sections—the company profile, the technology selection, and the implementation plan. When combining these sections, it is important to insure that the document is cohesive and flows as if it were originally written as a single document. To tie everything together, your paper should include the following additional sections.
Executive summary of the project: a brief overview that describes the project and outlines its major sections. You should describe the problem that you are attempting to solve, or the process you are attempting to enhance. The overall solution(s) should be presented, although specific details need not be included.
Table of contents
Conclusion: briefly summarize what your paper discussed and any conclusion(s) you reached in the paper.
Appendices: technical specifications, photos, Internet links (with descriptions), citations, or any other information that may help clarify or support your paper.
Document – Minimum 10-15 pages double spaced APA format not including title page and sources.
Presentation – Minimum 15-20 slides not including title page and source slide.



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