ISAS630 Midterm Examination Answers


Question 1. 100 points


A lot of organizations who use waterfall as their standard development methodology are looking to adopt an Agile methodology instead.    What are two disadvantages of waterfall?   How does  Agile address those disadvantages and when it is appropriate to use? Write a 400-word essay on the above questions.



Question 2. 100 points



There are many characteristics/attributes of a good software design. List five of them and provide a short explanation of each. (20 points)

(b) Briefly describe four benefits that arise from an “upfront commitment to design” i.e., the creation of abstractions/models before coding. (20 points)

Briefly describe the five duties of a systems analyst during the management of a software project. (20 points)

(d) What are the concerns addressed during analysis of system needs? (20 points)

(e) What are the implications of using a scenario as compared to a use case when facilitating iterative development?  (20 points)



Question 3. 100 points



The Rocky Mountain Athletic Club is a fitness and sports club in Denver. The club has seven indoor clay courts, and five outdoor hard courts. The club is open daily from 6:.00 am to 10:00 pm.

Here is the process for new member admittance. When filling out the membership application, you provide information including name, address, city, home phone, cell phone, and e-mail address, membership type and payment information. Applications are then reviewed by the club manager.  Once approved, new members are given a unique membership number.

When playing tennis, the club encourages its members to join teams, although each member can only belong to one team. When joining a team, the member contacts a receptionist either by phone or at the club, who will follow the correct registration procedure.

A court session (one hour long) can be reserved by phone or online by either a team leader or by an individual member. Pricing for a session varies according to the time and day of the week. A reservation can be cancelled by the person who booked it. In such a case, the session can be  rebooked.   Session records are created by the manager a few weeks in advance.   This allows members to reserve a court weeks in advance. Each court reservation is identified by its date, time and court number. Session records are deleted after six months.

Create a list of requirements for a system to support the club’s business processes shown in the scenario (10 pts. for each requirement)



Question 4. 100 points



Explain the difference between functional and non-functional requirements. Use examples from the scenario described in Question 3. (20 points)

A company has decided to purchase commercial off the shelf (COTS) software to handle the financial aspects of its business. Describe six general categories that should be used to decide which software vendor’s product is suitable for the company. (20 points)

Two common techniques for gathering requirements are interviews and JAD workshops. Choose one of these techniques and describe how a systems analyst would prepare for it and carry it out. (20 points)

Using an agile method of your choice (for example: eXtreme Programming; Scrum) describe the iterative/incremental project life cycle. Illustrate your answer with a simple diagram of your chosen method’s life cycle. (20 points)

Describe how prototyping can be used to augment the waterfall software methodology (20 points).



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